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Lead Forward are a Forward thinking company, providing an honest first class quality service and solution using digital online marketing to capture web traffic and convert into Vendor and Landlord leads.

  1. Fully Scalable from single branch to multiple branches
  2. Technology updates and new features are updated automatically and downloaded
  3. Runs on any website UI
  4. Reporting system
  5. Unique login per branch ID
  6. User friendly
  7. Lead capture
  8. Simple Deployment
  1. Simple Migration
  2. A Fully Customisable bespoke solution
  3. Meet your sales targets effectively
  4. Reinforce sales best practices
  5. Book more instant online valuations
  6. Convert more valuations into instructions
  7. Aid in delivering outstanding customer service
  8. Track your prospects and improve your sales progress internally
  9. We do not sell your leads

Our application is suitable for both Lettings and Residential Sales

Lead Forward attracts the site visitor to engage with the tool, and ultimately input their details in order to get an instant online valuation of their property. whether they want to sell or rent it out. The tool also captures Other demographics including Buyers and People looking to Rent a property. This can be useful for their internal statistics, Business Intelligence/reporting.

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